domingo, enero 19, 2014

My kind of town

Every once in a while, one has the opportunity to live something, or somewhere, just incredible. The "awesomeness" of this experience might not strike you at first but slowly get into your skin, pore by pore, until it becomes the certainty that you have had one of those "times of your live". For me, fortunately, I've had quite a few of those in my life until now.

But this one, oh boy, this one has been different. Maybe it is the sole presence of the Bosphorus itself (as I always say, even if you put a hot dog stand, you have a hot dog stand with a Bosphorus view), or perhaps that mixture of thousands of years and people leaving each of them a bit of history behind. It might be the collage between the east and the west, or the future and the past, or just having kahvaltı -breakfast- on a Sunday morning in Örtaköy looking to the water.